SATS Premier Lounge Seats 1

I wanted to use my Priority Pass that I was given from my Citibank Signature card but never really had the chance to use it before. As I arrived earlier in Singapore airport – I had a bit of time roaming the terminal.

I remembered that Changi had a Priority Pass affiliated lounge and wanted to try this before.

Upon entering the arrivals hall – there was a sign to go to SATS Premier lounge.

This lounge also hosts other business class customers such as Japan Airlines.

Now I don't expect much from these lounges – just some nibbles but was pleasantly surprised on the decent variety of food and drinks available.

SATS Premier Lounge Seats 2

SATS Premier Lounge Seats 3

SATS Premier Lounge Seats 4

SATS Premier Lounge Seats 5

They had chinese E-Fu noodles which I enjoy and also some Dim Sums.

I could see they provided massage chairs for use – but wasn't sure if I had to put any coin into it – but anyhows – wasn't really interested to try it out.

The lounge had nice comfy seats – but I choose to sit at some desks with seats instead to have a glass of orange juice.

SATS Premier Lounge Food 1

SATS Premier Lounge Food 2

SATS Premier Lounge Food 3

SATS Premier Lounge Food 4

SATS Premier Lounge Food 5

Is the Priority Pass worth it? I would say so from this experience but I understand that not all lounges and airports are as good as what Singapore has to offer. But is definitely an advantage if I had to transit through Singapore on Economy class and had no complimentary lounge access – I could always use my Priority Pass.

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