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I was at the ANA Business Class lounge as I had a flight from Tokyo to Seoul that day on Asiana Airlines.

It was a medium sized lounge which had all your necessities.

One of the great things was that it had a noodle bar! As I love Japanese Udon noodles – I helped myself to 2 bowls! So you order it from the noodle bar – takes about a couple of minutes and you get a fresh bowl! Also there is ramen available and rice dishes.

ANA Business Lounge Food 1

Wireless internet was available as I would expect from any international business class lounge especially the technologically advanced Asian countries.

They had sushi available but I figured it wasn’t going to be any better than the sushi I had the previous night at a sushi train in the trendy suburb of Shibuya so gave it a miss and also knew that I was going to get a great meal from the great Asiana Airlines in a couple of hours.

There were nice seats and lounge chairs available and I was easily able to skype my family back home in Sydney.

ANA Business Lounge Seats 1

ANA Business Lounge Seats 2

Overall an average international business class lounge with better than average food and a comfortable seats before your next flight.

ANA Business Lounge Dining 2

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