At the moment till end of June 2015 – Qantas is having a Quadruple points with the Hilton hotels. That means if for your Hilton account – you have set your account to earning points and miles when staying at a Hilton branded hotel – then you will receive for every US dollar – you get one Qantas Frequent Flyer point – then multiple that by four times.

I recently stayed at the Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel with my family. To give you a run down on how this Triple whammy of points came about let me document it below.

As I stayed with Hilton and also a Gold Member – I receive 25% more base points. So I paid $1500 AUD. So approximately that is $1300 USD. I received 1300 x 10 = 13,000 Hilton Points. Currently till end of April there is a Double points promotion with Hilton. So therefore I received 26,000 points. Now add on top of that the 25% more points I receive from the base points which is 3250 Hilton Points. So I received 29,250 Hilton points.

Now as I have set my Hilton account to double-dipping which means I can earn Qantas points as well – I originally get 1300 QFF. As there is a Quadruple points promotion – I received 5200 QFF points.…

CX Business Class Food 1

Date: 15th April, 2015
Duration of Flight: 3 Hours 10 minutes
Class: Business
Seat Number: 21A (Aisle seat)
Configuration: 1-2-1 (Each seat in Business Class has aisle access)
Flight No: CX636
Time Departed: 9:55am – right on time

I always enjoy flying on Cathay Pacific Business Class. In my view so far – the seats here are sufficient enough for a nice comfortable flight. Having flown it twice before I already.…

Skyview Singapore Lounge Entrance 1

Date: 15th April, 2015

I had access to this lounge as I was flying on Cathay Pacific Business Class from Singapore to Hong Kong. I had high expectations as this was the dedicated Cathay lounge for Singapore. Probably unfair as Cathay's main hub is of course in Hong Kong and their Business Lounge was the best I've been to so far.…

SATS Premier Lounge Seats 1

I wanted to use my Priority Pass that I was given from my Citibank Signature card but never really had the chance to use it before. As I arrived earlier in Singapore airport – I had a bit of time roaming the terminal.

I remembered that Changi had a Priority Pass affiliated lounge and wanted to try this before.

Upon entering the arrivals hall – there was a sign to go to SATS Premier lounge.

This lounge also hosts other business class customers such as Japan Airlines.…

So Sofitel Singapore Room 6

Date: 14th April, 2015
Nights: 1
Room: Heritage room – I was told that I was upgraded 2 categories up

I booked the So Sofitel Singapore for 2 reasons. I knew that it was right next to a Hawkers market and I wanted to get my hands on some Singaporean cuisine. The Hawkers market is called Lau Sa Pat – quite big – but when I was there were only a few shops open. The second reason was that I hold Platinum Le Accor Club status – so I wanted to see what benefits I could get.…

Arrival Date: 14th April, 2015
Departure Date: 15th April, 2015

I flew into Singapore at approximately 10pm and have a 12 hour layover with my flight the next day being at 10am.

Upon arrival and hearing about so many great and efficient things about Changi airport – I think I got off to a wrong start.

In the arrivals hall where I had to wait for customs – I had to wait 20 minutes before I could have my passport checked. It was either the people in front of me were slow or as I believe the person behind the counter was disinterested in her job.

The bad thing was there wasn't that many people. There was about 10 people – but in most airport this could be completed in 5-10 minutes. Other people behind me grew frustrated as well.…