Recently in April 2015 for about 2 weeks there was a special on Qantas Mall where it was offering double points to shop through there.

To give you a run down Qantas Mall is a shopping portal where if you enter your Qantas Frequent Flyer number and then it goes through to the shop online – you earn bonus points.

Now David Jones is usually 5 extra Qantas points. This is in addition to your own credit card points accumulated as well. So in effect you are earning 6 Airline points per dollar.

Now let's do some calculations here.

I estimate that each point is worth 5 cents of business class value.

If I buy a new bag worth $100 – I would be receiving 500 QFF points plus 100 Credit card points. So in total I would be receiving 600 Airline points.…

BA Business Class Cabin 1

Date: 14th April, 2015
Departure Time: 3:30pm
Seat: 14G (Middle Aisle Seat)
Class: Business/Club World
Flight Number: BA16
Business Class Configuration: 2-4-2


I arrive at approximated 12:15pm at Sydney Airport – a bit more than 3 hours before the flight took off. I was able to check-in for quickly as there was no one in the business/Club World line. I was done within 2 minutes – possibly one of the quickest check-ins I've had. I did check-in online 24 hours prior to select my seat. You are only able to select your seat for free this way – otherwise you would have to pay at least $100 just to select your seat.…

Qantas Business Class Lounge Entry 1

Date: 14th April, 2015
Time: 1:30pm
Destination: Singapore

I had access to the Qantas Business class lounge as I was flying on British Airways Business Class departing Sydney and arriving in Singapore. That flight would then go onto London – but I actually get off in Singapore as I am headed somewhere else on my journey.

I used my US Dividend Miles points to fly – therefore I didn't need any status to gain entry into this lounge. That's the beauty of points – once you can redeem it with Business Class or First Class travel – then benefits such as express pathway through customs and security in the airport in addition to the lounge access is complimentary.

So I don't have to be loyal to any particular airline – I choose the routes, airlines and flights I want to travel on. I would usually get most of the benefits all the other premium travellers would also get.

This is my second time in the lounge – as it was lunch time – I felt it had more of a spread of food and drinks.…

Amex Lounge Entry 2

Date: 14th April 2015
Time: 12:30pm
Destination: Singapore

The American Express Lounge at Sydney International Airport is on the left hand side after going through customs. It takes approx. 5-10 minutes to walk there. I've always wanted to try this lounge and I had complimentary access as I hold the American Express Platinum Charge card.

You are allowed to guest one more person (above the ages of 17). Also kids are free as well when travelling with you.…

Hi Future/Present Luxury Flyer!

Below are the current promotions/specials in regards to points and miles:

1. Singapore Airlines Free 5000 Krisflyer Points on Signup

Sign up to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Program by the 31st of March this year (Australian Residents only) to get a bonus of 5000 Krisflyer Points.

Enter the Promtion code "KFACQPU" and you will receive the points.

I encourage you to do this if you do not already have an account. It is free to join and the 5000 Krisflyer points is worth $250 AUD of Business Class Flight value.

Go to the following Website

There is no denying my love for reward points from credit cards. When you reach the amount required to fly business class to Phuket or Penang and know that you have only had to pay the airline taxes – then you know you’ve accomplished a feat that so many others have not or have no clue about. What is even sweeter is when you have enough Hotel points to book a nice suite for that one week that you are there – again not spending a penny.

So the cost is minimal – but this will only occur if you plan ahead on knowing how to achieve the points total required to reach that dream holiday. I recently booked our 10 year wedding anniversary trip to the Maldives and Singapore flying Business class on Singapore Airlines for my whole family (wife and 2 kids) staying at the Conrad Maldives Overwater Bungalows and then also staying at the Duplex Suite at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore. This trip would cost me in excess of $50,000 but has possibly costed me maybe 10-20% of that as it was covered by points.

Or the other example is an upcoming trip to San Francisco/LA and Tokyo flying Japan Airlines First and Business Class and staying at the San Francisco Hilton Financial District, Doubletree Anaheim, Grand Hyatt San Francisco and the Hyatt Regency Tokyo (all in suites of course) for my family of 4. This trip would literally cost me in excess of $100,000 if I had to pay it all in cash – but at the end probably costed me around 10-20% of that price – the rest using points.…