Thai Business Class Flight Cabin 1

Thai Business Class Flight Seat 1

This was a night time flight at 7pm – arriving in Sydney the next morning at 6am.

When waiting outside the boarding gate – there was probably 300 people it seemed as everybody were standing and waiting for the boarding call. They were around 30 minutes late and the passengers were not given much notice or announcement of the lateness which left a sour experience to begin with.

Once I boarded my business class seat – it didn’t seem like the plane had been refurbished for a while as it still had a very old angled seat. So it didn’t turn into a flat bed.

Again I would have waited at least an hour before the plane started moving as they were having some difficulties – but again they did not inform the passengers of what was going on.…

ANA Business Lounge Dining 1

ANA Business Lounge Check-in 1

I was at the ANA Business Class lounge as I had a flight from Tokyo to Seoul that day on Asiana Airlines.

It was a medium sized lounge which had all your necessities.

One of the great things was that it had a noodle bar! As I love Japanese Udon noodles – I helped myself to 2 bowls! So you order it from the noodle bar – takes about a couple of minutes and you get a fresh bowl! Also there is ramen available and rice dishes.

ANA Business Lounge Food 1

Tokyo Hilton Bedroom 1

Tokyo Hilton Lobby 1

Date: 28th-30th April

Cost: $270

Room Booked: Deluxe King (Base room)

Room Received: 1 Bedroom Suite

Tokyo Hilton Suite 1

So how does one actually get free frequent flyer points? This means receiving points for not doing anything such as spending on credit cards, flying on airlines and promotions. Well if you think about it – the difference between a person that uses cash for all their purchases and doesn’t receive any reward points compared to someone such as myself who uses credit card everywhere possible – pays nothing or minimal annual fee costs – and receives an accelerated points amount is vastly different at the end.

In terms of perception – anyone who receives free frequent flyer points from credit card spending is thought of as receiving something for nothing nearly. Had I not been using my credit card – then flying in first and business class will always be a dream – never attainable unless your are really wealthy. Luckily there is a reward system out there with all the banks, airlines and shops that the average Joe such as myself are able to take advantage of the numerous options for luxury travel.

If you live in Australia – as Qantas is the national carrier – a lot of the spending that we do is attached to the Qantas rewards points either directly or indirectly. The majority of banks have credit cards which allow you to convert the reward points to Qantas frequent flyer points as well as one of the major supermarkets – Woolworths.…

Does booking multi destination flights work when you are using points? Or is it better to have just one destination to avoid any complexities? This will ultimately depends on two points – the first being how many points you have and secondly how travel-savvy you are with creating multi stops with your points.

If I am an average Australian who has accumulated 60,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points but don’t know really where I can go – I go directly to the Qantas website and start doing some research and calculations. The site may tell you to fly from Sydney to Hong Kong costs 60,000 points on an economy return flight. Great you think! You then go searching for availability and find that there is no award seat available during the time frames you want to go. But you then see there are some flights that either fly via Melbourne or Brisbane.

You select those flights and find that it flies Cathay Pacific instead of Qantas. OK – you look at the points total and it comes out as 70,000 or even 80,000 points! Why? Well – you are not taking a direct flight so Qantas charges you – and then you are also not travelling on Qantas metal but a code-share – so you get slugged another few thousand points you don’t have! You could possibly use points + cash – but then find that the cash component and then adding tax may cost you $700 AUD!!!! When on special Qantas sells actual airfares from Sydney to Hong Kong for $788 AUD when on special! So therefore that means your 60,000 points are only worth $88!…

I’ve recently read a news article on which was explaining that flights using frequent flyer points earned from credit cards is not worth the effort as you would need to spend too much to just fly an economy flight for example from Sydney to Melbourne.

If you read every negative article in regards to frequent flyer points not be worth it and too hard to obtain then they will probably convince you that it is true. I beg to differ as it just requires you to overlook that and explore the numerous options of accelerating your points.

In this day and age – there is no real guide for frequent flying compared to when you want to invest in property. It all comes from reading forums and searching on Google what you can actually do with your points.

As in life – nothing comes for free – but with the right strategy and the right direction – then you could be accelerating your points significantly higher than what you think you could. If you treat your points like a currency and understand and maximize the number of points each time you shop – just by thinking ahead – you could be seeing yourself in a first class seat.

This comes from a change in mindset. By changing the way you spend money – but not spending any more than you need to – then you are exercising your mind to think outside the box each time. The rewards are great and when you start flying in premium cabins and your friends are still slugging it in economy – they’ll wish they were in your position.…