When does it make sense to purchase Hotel points such as Hilton HHonors or Hyatt Passport points? I think there are 2 instances when it is best to buy points but obviously it will depend on your personal circumstance.

The first instance I think you should buy points is if you are only a few points short of being able to redeem a room that you wish to stay at. Say if you needed just 3000 Hilton points to redeem one night at the Conrad Hong Kong hotel which costs 80,000 points. 3000 points costs around $35 – so in this circumstance – it makes sense to purchase rather it rather than pay around $500 a night for this hotel. If you had 20,000 points left to reach the goal of 80,000 points – this would cost roughly $250. In this case – I wouldn’t purchase it – I would rather pay the $500 for the room – then actually earn points for staying here. I would roughly get at least 15,000 points from staying here if I was a Gold/Diamond member and also it includes a double points promotion.

Another example is the Sydney Hilton which requires 80,000 points. To purchase Hilton points – 80,000 in this case with no promotion in regards to buying points – this would cost you $900 AUD roughly. The room itself only costs $300. So you would be crazy to purchase the full amount of points here. Just pay for the room itself – you receive Hilton HHonors points, if you double-dip with the program – you can receive some airline points, and also if you use your credit card – such as the American Express Platinum card – then you receive double the Amex Membership points.  Such I would be receiving much more back purchasing the room with cash.

Now in another scenario – take the Doubletree Kuala Lumpur. It only requires around 7000 Hilton points to redeem for the night. It costs around $120 AUD for the room if you pay cash. 7000 Hilton points equals to about $80 if you had to pay for it. Also Hilton has a benefit that if you redeem points for 5 nights – it is the price of 4 nights in regards to points. Therefore it costs only about 5600 points a night.

Usually the rule of thumb here as well is that you would only purchase points to redeem with high-end properties such as the Conrad Maldives which costs $1700 AUD a night – but requires 95,000 points. This equates to around $1100 AUD if you were to purchase the room with points.

So in conclusion if you know how to purchase points for the best value then it makes sense to do it. But if you really have no idea – I suggest you just pay for the room to earn some points and only redeem with points if you have accumulated enough. In most cases – do not purchase rooms with Hotel points – but only in the above scenarios.

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