Date: 25/4/2014

Room Booked: Double Queen Courtyard Room

Upgraded: No upgrade

Cost: $120 per night


Check-in was normal. It was quiet and I arrived at around 9:30am. Luckily they have a room ready so I was able to drop my baggage. The lobby is very average – nothing spectacular.

Seattle Hilton Airport Check-in 1

Seattle Hilton Airport Lobby 1

Seattle Hilton Airport Lobby 2

Seattle Hilton Airport Lobby 3


Nothing special about the room. More of a 3.5 star hotel. Décor is quite old, carpet looks more than 20 years old and toilet is a shower in a tub. So in all an old room – but has all the functions.

Seattle Hilton Airport Room 1

Seattle Hilton Airport Room 2

Seattle Hilton Airport Room 3

Seattle Hilton Airport Bathroom 1

Seattle Hilton Airport Bathroom 2


As a Hilton Gold member – I was given 3 continental breakfast vouchers at the restaurant for each morning I was there. To upgrade to a full American buffet breakfast was about $10. I didn’t bother as it didn’t look that great.


Standard Peter Roth Thomas amenities – but they didn’t give me a body wash tube. Not sure if it is standard but couldn’t be bothered.


Hotel is located 10 minutes walk from Seattle International Airport or you can catch of Courtesy Hilton Shuttle bus that comes every 20 minutes. It is located right in front of The Seattle Marriott Airport hotel where I have the Frequent Traveller University over the weekend.

There are not many shops around – it mostly has hotels.


There is a Light Rail System that is a few minutes walk away from the hotel. The cost to downtown is $2.75 USD. Buy a day pass and it is $5.50. To go from the hotel station to Downtown Seattle (Westlakes) takes about 40 minutes. It goes through about 10 stations

Overall Summary


Absolutely nothing special or inviting about this hotel – but okay if you are just going to stay and sleep – but out most of the day as I am. So I am not too fussed that it is not a luxury hotel.


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