Tokyo Hilton Bedroom 1

Tokyo Hilton Lobby 1

Date: 28th-30th April

Cost: $270

Room Booked: Deluxe King (Base room)

Room Received: 1 Bedroom Suite

Tokyo Hilton Suite 1


The room is actually spacious for a Tokyo hotel room. I had a room overlooking in the direction of the Shinjuku Train Station – one of the most busiest places in the world.

The room had a nice comfortable king bed – with a seat next to the window for a relaxing view of the city skyline. It also had a 40 inch LCD TV which was nice.

The living room was average – but modern. See pictures below.

Tokyo Hilton Bedroom 2

Tokyo Hilton Bedroom 3

Tokyo Hilton Bedroom 4

Tokyo Hilton Suite 2

Tokyo Hilton Suite 3

Tokyo Hilton Suite 4


The bathroom for a suite was much smaller than expected of a hotel of this caliber. It only had 1 sink – I would have expected 2 sinks there. Also there is a shower over a bath tub. Not my cup of tea

Tokyo Hilton Bathroom 1

Tokyo Hilton Bathroom 2

Tokyo Hilton Bathroom 3

Tokyo Hilton Bathroom 4

Tokyo Hilton Bathroom 5


The hotel is near the quiet side of Shinjuku where all the tallest skyscrapers in Tokyo reside. It is next to one of the icons – the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. About a 10-15 minute walk to Shinjuku station. The location in my opinion is not that great – a bit out of the way – but the price justified for this as hotels near the busier side of the city costs more.


The breakfast comprises of Japanese and Western selections. Very average buffet breakfast in my opinion as I did not find the food that appealing. After 2 breakfasts there – I did not want to have anymore – I’d rather go out and try the local delicacies.

Tokyo Hilton Breakfast 1

Tokyo Hilton Breakfast 2

Tokyo Hilton Breakfast 3

Tokyo Hilton Breakfast 4

Tokyo Hilton Breakfast 5

Tokyo Hilton Breakfast 6

Tokyo Hilton Breakfast 7

Executive Lounge

Lounge had a nice selection of food the 2 nights I was there. Probably not enough to actually have a complete meal – but enough to get you going for a couple of hours before you needed to eat dinner. Both nights I was there was actually quite crowded – so I wondered were there a lot of Gold and Diamond Hilton members there at that time?

Tokyo Hilton Executive Lounge 1

Tokyo Hilton Executive Lounge 2

Tokyo Hilton Executive Lounge 3

Tokyo Hilton Executive Lounge 4

Tokyo Hilton Executive Lounge 5


The first ever Hilton I stayed at was the Tokyo Hilton about 10 years ago and 10 years on – the level of comfort (about four and a half stars) and service is still consistent. I have no problems recommending this hotel to anyone. It is clos to a train station  - Nishi-Shinjuku station. The Tokyo Train network is the most incredible system I have experienced – even better than the Hong Kong MTR network. The reason being that trains come every 2-5 minutes and as I understand it services about 40 million people – while Hong Kong only services its’ 7 million people.

Next time I do stay in Tokyo – I would like to try the Conrad Tokyo which is located in the shopping district of Ginza. Or if I find a good deal with the Park Hyatt Tokyo – which is where the movie “Lost in Translation” was shot – I would go there.


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